Snickers with chocolate and caramel

Ingredients for 6 snickers:
For the bottom layer:
265 g almonds
2 tbsp finely cut dates
4 tbsp coconut oil 
A pinch of salt
For the caramel:
170 g dates soaked for 30 minutes 
4 tbsp coconut oil 
2 tbsp almond butter 
3 tbsp maple syrup 
1 cup peanut 
2 tbsp lucuma
A pinch of salt 
For the frosting
250 g dark chocolate


Per la base: coat a 10×20 cm casserole with parchment paper. 

In a blender, blend all ingredients for the bottom layer except for coconut oil. Add coconut oil and mix again. The consistency should be so that you can knead it with your hands. Place the dough on the bottom of the casserole and push it with your hands. Refrigerate while you prepare caramel.

For the caramel: place all ingredients in a blender (except for peanut granola) and blend to obtain a creamy consistency. Pour it in a bowl and add peanuts. 

Pour the caramel on top of the bottom layer and leave it in the freezer for few hours. 

Remove it from the casserole and cut bars as big as a snicker. Melt chocolate in the microwave and dip the bars in it. Place bars over parchment paper and leave them in the freezer for a while.