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luglio 2016

Poached black egg

Poached Black Egg is an innovative dish for which you have to separate the egg yolk and egg white and then put them together again. I’ll..

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Ratatouille is an Occitan dish of stewed vegetables. Here, I modified the traditional recipe by cooking a savoury pie with those stewed..
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Uovo nero in pochette

L’uovo nero in pochette è un piatto innovativo e di grande impatto visivo che si realizza scomponendo e ricomponendo l’uovo. Ispirandomi..

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Portobello burger

Portobello is a mushroom you can use as a substitute for meat, for example in a burger. I ate this burger in one of my favourite..
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Ratatouille di verdure

La ratatouille è un piatto tipico provenzale di verdure stufate. Nella ricetta sottostante ho deciso di andare a creare una torta..

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